Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the yachts or boats for rent at Dominican Luxury Rentals Charter in Punta Cana? Just take a look at the frequently asked questions - we provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Don't worry - we won't leave you hanging! We will find an alternative date for your excursion together. If this is not possible, we will refund your money.
If you rent a yacht, a selection of drinks for the day is included in the price. In addition, we provide towels on boats over 8 m in length.
In the event that the rented yacht or boat will be damaged through your fault, we will initially keep your security deposit. Once the yacht or boat has been repaired, we will refund the remainder of the deposit. In case the damage is greater than the deposit paid, you remain solely responsible for the amount of the deposit paid.

We always recommend the purchase of trip cancellation insurance. Please check the early cancellation conditions in our charter contract.

In case you cannot pick up your charter boat or go on your short-term boat tour, we do not refund the amount paid. The rented boats and yachts are always reserved exclusively for you.


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